mandag 25. oktober 2010


I don't want to write shit about my goverment, it's so boring! I loose all motivation for making a post just thinking about it.
So instead i will write about thing's i like, And right now it's winter so i will try to write about Snowboarding and other winter related stuff.

The Picture was taken some years ago inn a Ski resort here inn norway! I can't wait much longer now! i need to go Snowboarding soon!

fredag 22. oktober 2010


Last night we had our first snowfall where i live inn norway, and i can say that i'm not prepared.
So i think i have to take a trip to our mall and find some winter gear!

Well, This is good news to! It's time for me to go snowboarding! :D Hmmm, Maybe i can make time next weekend :D

onsdag 20. oktober 2010


I don't have the time or energy to tell you about our goverment today, To much schoolwork and personal shit going on today xD

Instead i can tell you some weird shit that happened on school today!

My principal called me, I wasent attending school today so i was like: shit here comes trouble! But instead he wanted to have me come talk to some journalists who was visiting our school, Some kids at school found out what the administrator password for the school network was. Not the whole network but like: if you try to install a program on the Computer it blocks you out! And those kids was bragging about it on a norwegian forum, and some reporters was there and got interested. I don't know if they got tipped or they were there looking for stories but pretty weird, Becouse it's not that big deal! And they were like : Can you tell us who this person is, and how he got the password. They think that we have somekind of superhacker on our school, but my best gues is that someone leaked it to a "friend" and he leaked it to his friend, Well anyways i almost sendt them off without a storey to write. They said godbye and left the building, But apperently they got in someother way and started harrasing student inn the food area, and waited for school to end so they could talk to more students. I don't know if there will be something about this inn the news becouse it's just something that happends inn every school that has a strickt computer program. I've talked to ppl attending other schools and they do the same thing or use different methods to get around that password to install like game and such on their computer.

tirsdag 19. oktober 2010

My next post will be about

In my next post i will look at our goverment, But for now i will tell you all something about myself!
I'm 20years old, and i live in Norway. My name is Jens, That's a pretty common norwegian name!. currently i go to school, taking up some classes i need for my further study, i think i want to become a engineer.
Well there is still a long way there but i'm motivated for it, i'm not that interested in politics but i sure question a lot off the things they do! I'm active and do sports whenever i can and i love snowboarding! mabye i will post something from my snowboard trips later on inn the season! :D that should be enough for now :) Please leave a comment!


Welcome to my new blog

Hello, This will be an exiting journey! In my blog i will talk about the norwegian country, and it's goverment!

I will have a look at it's economics, political parties, our king and our open boarders! Ofc there will come up much more that i will tell all you people out there about!